Family Portraits and Children’s Portraits in Charleston SC

General Price Range

You can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $300 for our portrait sessions. It varies on how many people, how long we shoot, and the location. Most Family Sessions last 30 minutes to an hour , whereas a personal portrait session can be done in 20-30 minutes.


Our Style

ambient portrait of charleston family photography

This is a good example of a classic portrait. It will always be in style, and a keepsake that will always be priceless.

Our style is very simple and clean, we try to stay away from props and fads that come and go. Our goal is to produce a portrait of you or your family that will serve as a keepsake to hang in your home. With that being said we try to focus on your personality and your character. There are many photographers in our area offering mini-sessions, cute little props and seasonal themes. The only problem with these are the fact that they are trending fads that come and go. The portrait we produce will be in style 50 years from now and it won’t matter if it’s Easter or Valentines Day, your family picture will still work with your homes decor. Our style is Classic, Clean, Tack-Sharp, Vibrant and always boasting your individual personalities.


Location & Best Time to Take the Pictures

Sessions are done on-location with natural light, whether that be outdoors, a park or at your home. I have a few favorite spots however I am open to suggestions. The location will set the mood and your wardrobe will bring the style. The best time of day for your session will be early morning or in the evening for the best light. Our favorite is “Golden Hour”. It’s the time when the sun is almost down and the ambient light is at its best. The light is very flattering and creates soft milky skintones and the settings are usually the most vibrant at this time. This usually happens about an hour before Sunset and a little after.Please be sure to schedule your session at least one to two weeks in advanced to guarantee your spot.


Being on time is  important to me and I make every effort to arrive to all my sessions at the time agreed upon. Some require parking fees and also the lighting is only perfect for a certain window of time. If you will be more than 10 minutes late please contact me at 843-697-1214.

What To Wear:

I want your portraits to reflect who you are. Choose clothing that is fun, bright, sets the mood and shows off your personality and style. Be sure to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t be shy by adding layers and lots of fun colors. Try to avoid “matchy matchy” outfits even in large group settings. Bring some fun props like a guitar, skateboard or hats. I encourage you to browse through my posts on the website to look at what others wore to their sessions. It will help you to envision the look we are going for. We love scarves, hats, jewelry, shades, boots, heels,  and all the fun stuff. When dressing a family try not to match, but instead just accentuate colors. I also try to stay away from white plain looking shirts of any kind.  Just do your best and remember to Have Fun!! Here is a sample of some casual clothes for a nice family  portrait session.

Good example of what to wear to a family photo shoot.


How long?

Editing: To edit a session takes me between 1-2 weeks. Once the session is edited I post the images on my website under the “Order” section. You will receive an email once this has been completed. We usually do both a hard copy of the images on a disk and an online version that you can share with friends.


  • We give you a CD with the edited images from your shoot and with it you can print at local Walgreens, Wal-Marts, and various places but for high quality prints such as anything you intend to frame we strongly encourage you to use the online album store. We have set the pricing so its affordable. These images are always clearer, smoother skin tones, more contrast and the colors are more vibrant.
  • You may submit your order online through the online gallery website. You will be required to pay with a credit card by doing so.
  • To order extra High Resolution file CD with copyright release please email us directly it is $15.00 per additional CD.
  • Print Orders take approx. 10 business days to arrive. The prints are shipped directly to your door.


Garden Hill Photography  retains the copyrights and reserves unrestricted permission to use all images of all sessions done for the use of portfolios, competitions, exhibitions and promotions for business use including social media and all associated products.

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