Common Questions on Engagement Sessions and Bridal Sessions

What is an Engagement Session and why have one?

Charleston Engagement Session at Lagare Waring House

An engagement session is a romantic portrait session where you and your fiance get dressed up in your every day style and go have fun with your photographer a few months before your wedding. We will be able to get to know each other and will make the wedding day experience that much more comfortable. It’s a bonding time between me and the two of you. With an engagement session, you get pictures to show off before the wedding, perhaps use them for wedding invitations/save the date cards. This is the time where I get to know you better, find out if your eyes blink a lot, or if you need help in some posed shots(what do I do with my hands? should I look at you? look away? etc), along with the angles that looks best for your facial expressions . It’s a chance to sample my work and build on what style your after so when the wedding day caomes, there are no surprises.

I encourage you to dress comfortable and like you are going on a date. Wear comfortable shoes because we normally do some walking around to different settings. This session is normally done late in the afternoon about an hour before dark, so make it a date and plan to go to dinner with your fiance after the session is over.


What is a Bridal Session and why have one?


Charleston Bridal Session on marsh dock

A bridal session is a portrait session of a bride or couple in their bridal attire on a day other than their wedding day. These types of sessions take place a few weeks before the wedding and help you practice hair and make up (see if these are really the colors you want for your actual wedding day, do you want curls, hair up or down?), relieve the stress of the wedding day to get more shots allowing you more free time on the wedding day (though formal shots and many shots will be taken on your wedding day, it’s still a lot less to worry about for you and for me), get used to wearing the wedding attire, learn how to bustle that fancy train and play dress up!  This is always a fun day for everyone.


Tips to remember for your bridal session:

charleston bridal portrait at pepper plantation dockDon’t wait for your bridal session to try out the makeup artist and hair stylist for the first time. Prior to your bridal session do a full run through with your makeup artist, hair stylist and your dress. Have your mom or friend take pictures of you so that when you go in for your bridal session everyone is clear on how you want to look. If you wait till your bridal session to test out everyone you might not get exactly what you were hoping for. The bridal session is very important. Make sure you are prepared. Treat this photo shoot as if you were preparing for your wedding day. Surround Yourself With People You Love but that will not make you nervous and constantly correct your every move during the session. Many times brides bring relatives or friends that are so worried about the dress getting dirty or how the bride is smiling and quickly it turns into the bride being picked on or laughed at and the bride loses focus and it shows in the pictures.

Bridal Essentials:

Don’t Leave Home Without Them: Powder, Blush, Lip Stick or Gloss, Bobby Pins and Hairspray, Flip Flops, and please plan accordingly with your stylist so you are not late to your bridal session. So many of my brides arrive 30 minutes to an hour late pushing all of my sessions back, please plan your time and include traffic time to arrive at the location on time. Please!

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