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The Lotito’s~ Amanda, Chris, & Cameron

Meet the Lotito’s. Chris, Amanda, and Cameron are good friends of ours and we spend lots of weekends together cooking out and enjoying the summer days at the lake. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with these folks and did I mention they can cook?

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Meet Taylor

Taylor is a Swampfox at Ashley Ridge High School. Once again I have got caught in the rain during the session so we made the most out of it. I recently did this photoshoot all to find out she lives on the same street that I grew up on. Small world..

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I have been trying to spend more time with the kids lately and they never cease to amaze me with how creative they are. I wish I had the money I have spent on iPads, iPods, cd players, rollerblades, 4 wheelers, and dirt bikes back because the old faithful cardboard box wins every time.

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How to shoot the Moon.

I recently tried to capture the Harvest Full Moon and finally figured it out. At first I kept getting really glowing white blobs and was shooting at slow shutter speeds. I was doing long drag timed shots. I then read on google on how fast the moon is actually rotating with the earth as we […]

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The Walsh’s

These are some friends of mine that have been through it all in the past year. Meet Ray, Sherry, Katelyn, and the amazing Brady. I won’t go into the story but God has laid his hands on this family and has worked a miracles in their lives. I am touched by the story of this […]

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